Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting Ready!

I have decided to prepare myself for this adventure in literature by reading The Well-Educated Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer. I am hoping this book will serve as a guide for me as I am attempting to read this new level of challenging literature.

I remember being very frustrated in school when I was asked to infer things from reading or talk about symbolism or other fancy terms that I didn't really grasp. As I've been contemplating the reading that I'm about to tackle, I was afraid that I would end up feeling that same frustration as before. I have How to Read a Book, and I do intend to read that book as well during this process. However, I thought that the Well-Educated Mind might be a better starting point. Here is a description of The Well-Educated Mind from the publisher's website:

The Well-Educated Mind

Using the techniques and systems of classical education, this new guide will give you greater pleasure in what you read, and greater understanding of it. With her thought-provoking questions on each genre and her extremely useful annotated lists of what to read and how to begin on each of the genres covered, Susan Wise Bauer offers us the tools to reclaim our love of reading and to further our own education in meaningful ways.

It appears that there is also a website to accompany the book! I'll be checking that out in the days to come!

I am close to deciding on the first book I'm going to read. Right now, it's between Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights!!


Anonymous said...

Be patient with this. It'll take a log time to work through it. I am just finishing the novels after almost 3 years. Bauer's system works but you really need to set aside time to yourself (1 hour is good) and really READ. Read closely & take notes, let it all seep in.

Chachi said...

Baur stresses in "Well Educated..." and also in her other book "Well Trained..." that the books should be approached in historical order, so "IF" you do decide to follow her methods, you'll probably start with an older text...or you could read P&P first and make your own queue...whatever works for you. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with "Sweet Valley High" :-)