Friday, October 17, 2008

Elizabeth, and her sisters

As is typical for me when I'm reading any literature with a female role, I kept inserting myself into the story! And even though the star of the show in Pride and Prejudice, I kept finding myself wanting so much to be Jane!

Jane is kind, loving, calm, and sweet-tempered. I can't say that those last two ever have been used to describe me! LOL (I'm much more short-tempered and prone to holding a grudge like Elizabeth.) Jane is one of those people whom you want to be around and be like. I can think of a couple of "Janes" in my life off the top of my head, and they are such wonderful people! However, Jane's personality and temperament did nearly lose her Mr. Bingley! She was TOO reserved and didn't want to let on to him her true feelings! Yikes!

The next sister, is it Mary?? I can't remember her name. I think she is older than Lydia and the youngest, but now I am having a hard time keeping them straight and I don't want to get my notes! There was not much that I could tell of her from the story.

Lydia.... oh Lydia! I could probably devote an entire post to her recklessness and selfishness. But I shant! ;) Suffice it to say that, while I don't identify with her, my behavior as a young woman was much more likely to resemble hers than I would like to remember. It's funny how you don't seem to realize (or care) how others perceive you when you are young. And especially in that time, it could ruin a family. If it hadn't been for Mr. Darcy's provision and kindness, Elizabeth and Jane may not have had their happy ending, due to Lydia's indescretion.

The youngest sister.... can't remember her name. Shucks. Wild under the influence of her sister. :(

OK, now to Elizabeth! She seemed to me to be a modern woman for her times. She did not hold her tongue, especially around men. I'm thinking of Mr. Collins especially... sometimes men just do NOT get the hint, do they? Anyway, Elizabeth has real spunk and I admire that! I love how she just walked right over to take care of Jane when she was sick and stuck at the Bingley's place! She arrived sweaty and muddy, but she was determined to do what she needed to do! And her fierce devotion to her older sister was endearing!

One of the things I loved the most about Elizabeth was her ability and willingness to change her opinions and perceptions when presented with new information! That is something with which I struggle, and it is no easy task! It takes humility and sensitivity to be able to assimilate new information about a situation and re-evaluate it and realize you were mistaken. And then it takes an even greater measure of humility to own up to the fact that you made a mistake! I was incredibly proud of Elizabeth at that point, and decided that maybe it wasn't altogether bad if I indentified with her more than I did with Jane! :)

So which female character did you identify with, and why? Or if you don't get 'into' books in that way, I'd love to know your impressions of the ladies! :)


Lisa said...

Well, if I had to pick a character I'm most like, it would probably be Mary. LOL Bookish and not too much fun. At least when I was a teen. I hope I've moved past that now. LOL

I think Mrs. Bennett must have been a lot like Lydia when she was young.

I'm certainly not a Jane and I don't know too many Janes. I can think of a few people that may be Jane-like, but she's just too good-hearted for reality.

Lizzy? I wish I were more like her - sassy, yet thoughtful. Devoted, yet not with her eyes closed to the truth. Willing to stand up for her principles even if it costs her her future. And it turns out well for her since we're reading a romance.

The youngest was Lydia, but Kitty was next youngest. Poor forgotten Kitty, always in Lydia's shadow.

Anonymous said...

I guess that I'd fall into Lizzy? I'm not really to sure- Lisa what do you think? My biggest problem is using keeping quiet! I always wanted to be Jane, at least as a child- the beautiful, quiet one that all love- but...

The youngest two- they were to flighty for me- I've alwasy had the tendency to know what I want to go after it. Although, writing seems to be still beyond my grasp, yet.

Oh well, there is that!


Lisa said...

Yeah, Marla, I would think you're more like Lizzy in a lot of ways. Then again, I can see some Lydia in you too - but I mean that in the best possible sense. lolol

Anonymous said...

I identify a lot with Mary's bookish and reserved tendencies, though I do love a party and a chance to let loose. Her pedadoguery however is absurd. Overall, I think I am most like Lizzy, though I lack her quick wit (mine is a little more internalized and slow :) ). But I am also not as confrontational as she; I suppose I am more similar to quiet Jane in that respect. I don't think I could be as brave to Mr. Darcy or his awful aunt as Elizabeth was.

I can't stand Lydia.