Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wuthering Heights from an author's perspective

Wuthering Heights was the first book I read after I wrote my novel in November for NaNoWriMo. As I finished the story, I found myself thinking of the book through the eyes of someone who has written a story from beginning to end.

The biggest question I had was: Did Ms. Bronte begin the story already knowing the ending? I know there are many different styles for writing books, and some authors sit down to begin a story already knowing the different twists and turns it would take. I wonder if Ms. Bronte was one of those authors. Did Heathcliff and Cathy's obsessive and destructive love ALWAYS end up with Hareton and Catherine finding each other? Was that the entire purpose of it?

When I first began my book, all I had was a picture in my head of a scene at the end of the story. I didn't know how my main character got there, but slowly bits and pieces of ideas came into my head and I wrote the notes down as they came to mind. However, as I was writing, the story found its own path. I found myself becoming more of a storyTELLER in that I saw what was happening in the story (in my mind) and I just wrote down what I saw. There were a couple of twists and turns that I hadn't planned when I sat down to write my story. It was an incredibly interesting experience for me, as I tend to be a person who likes things to happen according to plan!

I wonder if Ms. Bronte had that experience as well. Did she set out to write a more traditional love story, and did Heathcliff and Cathy just take over? Was Ms. Bronte disturbed at the way they were destroying the lives of the people around them, and destroying each other, but she had to tell the story that they were giving her? If so, was she as relieved as I was at the end of the story when Catherine finally started letting Hareton in to her heart?

I think it would be hard for me to write a story knowing it was going to be so full of pain and hurt. But perhaps that is exactly what makes some stories appealing? Maybe I'll have to give it a try one day...


Lisa said...

It definitely changes how you read once you start writing!

Sherry said...

Your journey as a writer is so facinating! I can't imagine being so creative and taking on such a huge project. I would love to hear how the next story unfolds for you!

Juju said...

I bet Heathcliff (similar to Jacob) was a character that sort of took a mind of his own.