Monday, April 6, 2009

Kidnapped - A Summary

by Robert Louis Stevenson
Published in 1886

David Balfour, upon the death of his parents, travels to the estate of his uncle where he learns that he is actually the rightful heir to the estate as his father was the older son. His uncle arranges for him to be kidnapped, taken aboard a ship, and sold into slavery in the American colonies. On board the ship, David meets Alan Stewart, a Scot who is wanted by the law and offers to pay the Captain of the ship to take him to France. When David learns of the Captain's intent to kill Alan, he tells Alan and the two men defend themselves against the Captain and crew. The ship later sinks, and David is set to an adventure for his life to get back home to claim his birthright. With the help of Alan and other Highlanders along the way, David finally returns to his uncle and gets him to admit to the kidnapping in front of witnesses. David and Alan sadly part company at the end of the story.