Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Old Man and the Sea: A Summary

An old fisherman has not caught a fish in many days. He believes that the next day he goes out he will have luck and get a fish. He has a young boy who usually fishes with him, and who tries to take care of him in his poverty. But the young boy's father has instructed him to go fish on another fishing boat the next day, so the old man sets out alone.

He has decided to go far, far out to fish. And he does have the luck he counts on. He hooks a marlin! The marlin begins to pull the boat out and out and the old man just lets the line go out and he holds on. The boat is dragged for 2 whole days before the fish begins to tire. The old man has been cut by the line, and he is exhausted, but he gets the enormous fish to the surface and kills him. He attaches it to the side of the boat because it's too big.

On the way back to shore, sharks begin to attack the marlin and eat pieces of it, right off the side of the boat. The old man fights off the sharks the best he can, despite being exhausted. But in the end, the sharks eat all of the meat from the huge fish. The old man makes it into port with only the skeleton of the great fish still tied to the boat. He doesn't have the money from selling the fish but he has the honor of bringing in such a great fish!